My BABY was taken from me while enduring a very vulnerable time of my life. I have lost writing material that had captured pivotal moments. And the pain of my BABY being taken from me to fulfill the jealousy of a love-one dear to my life and heart, makes me fill the vanity of my emotions written for shared expressions. But my BABY will not be in vain and be the ultimate satisfaction of jealousy behavior and actions!!
I will give Birth to another BABY that will have much more of Me than before. The value of my BABY has now exceeded it’s Stock Market Value! My BABY’s appearance on Fortune will be the Cover Story!
Jealousy of my previous BABY live on.


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I'm a Survivor of Life! Faith has me overcoming All limitations of "Living Life". Surviving 911, Medical Diagnosis w/no cure. College Graduate dual Degrees with Honors, c/o 2002. Talented Writer, Mentor, Motivational Speaker. Reinventing My Life and Living Again!

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