I De-valued myself because of this world’s Image of a Woman,

Not the one of a Survivor, of Trials and Tribulations, Humanitarian, Loving from the Heart of the Creator,

But I lost Ownership of my Value and laid it Down along my journey.

Vulnerable , seeking a Safe Haven in the arms of a Man,

A man whom I could show and share my De-Valued Vulnerable being.

And now, with All embraced I know my Value,

I have chosen to pick up the Pieces of me that have a Value, that no man can Increase.



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I'm a Survivor of Life! Faith has me overcoming All limitations of "Living Life". Surviving 911, Medical Diagnosis w/no cure. College Graduate dual Degrees with Honors, c/o 2002. Talented Writer, Mentor, Motivational Speaker. Reinventing My Life and Living Again!

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