My Tears

I shed many Tears, for many Anguished years,

I began to believe My Tears went Un-noticed,

For my cry was an echo.

Therefore, I entertained drastic measures against You,

Thinking I owned my life, made numerous attempts to End my existence!

In My Tears, I would awake,

Burning my face, again in My Tears, awakened!

My Tears were falling into rivers of Living Waters.

My Tears, are my Anchor in You.





Coming Home

Through my journey of Wisdom and Knowledge, Coming Home a comfort,

I had traveled many miles and the enjoyment I should have experienced was a Sacrifice.

I knew life was a journey of Wonders that would expand my Spirituality.

To me I had Sacrificed more than required, just to Come Home.

Coming Home would not be just for me, but the Creator,

To share the Promise and Assurance this journey is Worthy.

For the moment I have arrived.



I De-valued myself because of this world’s Image of a Woman,

Not the one of a Survivor, of Trials and Tribulations, Humanitarian, Loving from the Heart of the Creator,

But I lost Ownership of my Value and laid it Down along my journey.

Vulnerable , seeking a Safe Haven in the arms of a Man,

A man whom I could show and share my De-Valued Vulnerable being.

And now, with All embraced I know my Value,

I have chosen to pick up the Pieces of me that have a Value, that no man can Increase.


Phenomenal Woman

You grace the scene with you’re Presence, upon delight you are noticed.

A Presence that speaks to the Upmost appeal, Phenomenal!

I’ve been missing You……

An Amazing Woman whom captured my attention, and I held her to a level of existence that I yearned to learn from.

My Professor in College, A Phenomenal Woman to me.  Inspired me to productively present her without boundaries my assignments!

I’ve been missing You…..

You’re a Phenomenal Woman, that’s what she thought of Me!