Dis-connected Forgiveness

I allowed circumstances I had no control over, persuade me to Dis-connect from very special relationships.

Relationships that were supportive foundations in my life’s journey.

The Dis-connect I made was to protect their Heart’s. This part of my life’s journey was challenging my Quality of life and I could not handle their eye’s Connecting with mine.

As the years came and went, so did my Living life, as I knew before.

One day, my Spirit awakened me, to realize just how much I was Dis-connected from Life.

You see, these Relationships inspired the value in that view of me. The Eye’s I needed to see my Destiny complete.


Broken Dreams

Is my  Wanting not enough,

Should my Desire be the one in control and Enough,

Or have I gone before the Throne and partition Boldly Enough.

Maybe it’s God just waiting, watching my Efforts and they have not been Enough……?